Creating an online portfolio

My name is Katria Petroff. I am 23-years-old and a senior at Texas State University. I will soon be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and I hope to get a job as an editor

Having a portfolio is essential to anyone trying to make an impression towards college administrators or future employers. A portfolio can be used to show what kind of writing you’re capable of and to showcase your talents and skills. Most colleges don’t require potential students to create a portfolio, but it is good to start one now for future employers who will want to see what kind of person you are and how much you have accomplished.
The best way to start a portfolio is to simply start. You can create an online portfolio through a blogging website such as Blogger or Word Press. If you want to become a writer, you can create a portfolio with short stories, poems, articles, or essays. You can start with essays you have written for school assignments that have gotten high grades and high approval from your teachers.
If you’re pursuing a career in creative writing, post your writing samples onto the portfolio. Do not post anything that is too long, about 2,000 words or so. If you post chapters of a novel that you’re working on, your portfolio will look too overwhelming and your target audience could lose interest. It may also be seen as too ambitious. Post your short stories and poems so the reader can take the time to view your content and be blown away by it. You may also end up with a regular audience who wait for you to post new content, which can impress potential companies you’re applying to.
Be sure to format and design your portfolio blog to look presentable and professional. Potential employers and administrators from colleges will be looking at this portfolio, so you want to make a good impression. Make sure that the background images are appropriate and the text is easy to read and not ruined by flashy colors or small print. Do not add music or anything that can be considered obnoxious to a professional reader. You can still make your portfolio personable, but don’t go over the top with it.
Besides the potential of impressing a future employer, keeping a portfolio is sort of like keeping a journal, only less personal. It can feel good to write down your thoughts on topics you’re passionate about and are able to post it in a place where people can see it and comment on it. Unlike assigned essays, you can choose your own topic and have fun with it. If you like psychology, you can write about a study or human behavior phenomenon you find fascinating. You can write about your favorite moments in history, about your favorite animals, or movies. Not only is it a good thing to have for your future, having and keeping up with a portfolio can be fun.
You can simply treat it like a blog and use that blog as a portfolio and have fun with it. It all depends on what you want to pursue in your future, but also keep in mind how your future employers may view it. You can still be yourself in your portfolio or blog, and have fun in the meantime while you’re pursuing your college career.

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