Why Non-traditional Students Excel at College

As more and more adult students return to college, many are surprised at how well they do. Students who performed poorly in high school, or who dropped out of college the first time, often excel as older students. If you are an older student returning to school, and need a boost to your confidence, here are a few reasons we know you’ll succeed:

Adult Learners Know What They Want
Adult learners go back to school for a reason. You are not kids pursuing a degree but with no idea what you want to do in life. You’ve been in the working world and know exactly what you want. You want to further your education and improve your skills in order to:

• Get a better job
• Earn more money
• Be happy in your career

Whatever your reasons, you have them and you are motivated to succeed.

Adult Learners are More Focused
Adult learners, despite your many responsibilities, are often more focused students. You’ve become better at time management and realize that when you are in class, you need to focus on what you are learning. Because you are balancing school, work and often a marriage or family, time is at a premium and it can’t be wasted. There will not be time to make it up later, or to get notes from friends!

Adult Learners Are More Disciplined
Having been in the working world, adult learners have developed the discipline to meet the expectations others place on them. You know you can’t ignore your boss’s requests and expect to keep your job. Likewise, you can’t blow off class or assignments and expect to do well in school. You understand the importance of punctuality, of preparation, and of juggling different life demands. You will be in class and will be ready to participate and learn.

Adults Have a Better Appreciation of Money
College is always expensive, but when you return to college with an adult perspective—and you’re spending your money not mom and dad’s–you have a better understanding of where that money comes from and how hard you have to work for it. That means you won’t waste it. You will do well the first time, because paying for class once is enough!

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