Why Study Abroad?

My name is Katherine Browne and I am studying marketing and business management. I was on the honor roll all throughout high school and I am a part of the honors program at Long Island University. My hobbies are reading the Bible, health and fitness, and traveling the world.

I’m sure there are many countries we all want to visit. But imagine studying in that beautiful country you’ve always wanted to go. London, Paris, New York City, Australia, Montréal, and many more places have the most beautiful scenery that would captivate anyone. Sure, one can just go to a school in the country they live in. But why not study in a different country and experience a different culture, food, and people. It’s an opportunity that everyone should want to take advantage of. There are many programs that allow students to study abroad.
Recently, I tried studying abroad in London. The city of London fascinated me for many reasons. One being not only is an English speaking country, but it has a lifeline of history behind it. I’ve been to London before and wanted another opportunity to go back. Another reason I wanted to study in London is because I have family there. Unfortunately, I was not able to because of the courses I have to take.
The process of trying to study in London was not difficult. If I had any questions, I was able to email the consular for the program. Best of all, financial aid and scholarships was available to those qualified. So why wouldn’t someone want to study abroad. Take advantage of the wonderful opporynuity.

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