Why study Computer Science

My name is Sabina Runa. I am a senior at Long Island University and looking to pursue a career in software development. I love traveling, swimming, food, and coding. I have been to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and have a list of places that I want to go. I am currently working with a web development team at Long Island University. I also work as a Dell sales representative during the weekend. I want to work at Silicon Valley, CA after graduation.

I am currently a senior at Long Island University. When I started my freshman year in college, I wanted to be a pharmacist. After working at a pharmacy, I understood that was not for me. I decided to change my major to Health Science, and the plan was to get a masters degree in Physician Assistant. I eventually realized that the field that I was showing interest in was not because it’s what I was actually interested in doing, rather it was because it’s what my family and friends wanted me to do. By junior year of my college, I found myself completely lost and not knowing what I want to do was really bothering me. While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, my first course in Course in Computer Science lead to fall in love with field. The course was designed to give an overall view of Computer Science. While taking this class, I did python programming, web designing, and learned a lot about computer architecture. As I started taking more classes, I learned more about the field. What I love about computer science is that it’s a evolving field with full of opportunity to grow with it. Some of the careers one can pursue with a Computer Science degree are as follows:

Software Developer: Software developers means being creative and solving problems. You learn computer languages such as Java, C++, Python, and more. Once you learn one language well, you can easily pick up another languages. I started C++ and I highly recommend for beginners. .

Database Administrator: The role of database administrator is to design and develop database. They have knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Languages). You also want to learn about big data, which is growing tremendously within organizations.

Computer System Analyst: Computer system analyst determines how a computer system is fulfilling the need of the organization. This is a field where you are not only an IT professional, but you are also required to understand business requirements. A System Analyst can also move to next level by becoming a project manager.

Web Developer: Web developers are the creators of web sites. They make sure web pages are user friendly and well structured. Web developer’s uses various languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and more to build a website.

IT Network Engineer: A network engineer keeps the data communication going. They construct high performing network such as LAN, WAN, & MAN. Certification such CCNA is highly recommends advancing on this field.

Cyber Security: A computer science degree can also help you get a job in cyber security. With the growth of cyber crime, cyber security is a field where we can see a lot of growth in the future.

If you enjoy learning new things and love to take on challenges, then this is the field you should look into. Even if you are not interested in working in this field this is something worth learning.

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