Dressing for winter

Michelle Barrett attends Kent State University and majors in Architecture. She expects to graduate in 2016 and pursue a graduate degree. Barret aspires to be a practising architect in her hometown Washington DC. But in the meantime she enjoys the multitude of overlaps that spring from creative and design oriented endeavors, such as architecture and fashion.

As a college student nothing is better than winter break. Finishing finals means day long
dates with your laptop… and Netflix. Oh and of course there’s also the rare occurrences
of going out with friends and spending time with your family. Doing these things during
break are essential to keep us sane! However winter break doesn’t have to be only for
relaxing. Just as in sports I’d like to think of the break as time which I can experiment
with style. I love experimenting with my personal style during the “off season” because
honestly it doesn’t really matter. You know what I mean…that cute barista at Starbucks
or that guy that you met in class, that you also see at the gym..? There’s no one to
impress! So whats a girl to do but act crazy with her style?
Naturally my winter breaks consist of a lot of experimentation. I like to try different and
even contradicting styling choices just to inspire myself. Stripes and polka dots? Lets try
it! Neon yellow? Why not! I’d like to think of this time as the opportunity to revive my
personal style—to enliven the complex and provocative nature of my personality.
Sometimes that means buying a few new staple items is enough, but sometimes a
complete overhaul of your closet is necessary!
This may sound a little overwhelming at first, but it truly a matter of expression. It’s all
about feeling free to be yourself, to finding yourself, and ultimately being empowered in
your own skin…and cute heels of course! My secret to navigating winter break
fashionably is challenging myself. So lets say you’re usually one to opt for all black,
everywhere, from head to toe (*raises hand*); challenge yourself to wear a print! Your
first step could be something simple, such as a nice polka dot blouse. Next, dare
yourself to go further…maybe pair that chiffon polka dot blouse with a striped cardigan
and cheetah print purse?? Yes I know mixing prints sounds dangerously rule defying,
but rules are made to be broken right?
Here are some amazing outfit combinations you should try NOW:
Stripes on stripes. Yes stripes and more stripes sounds crazy, but if done right you can
look effortlessly chic. First tip is to mix different sizes of stripes to create more
dimension. Secondly, look for vertical stripes, it creates a streamline effect so that your
body looks elongated. Lastly, Keep It Simple Stupid! Don’t go crazy with your shoes and
accessories, keep it clean and basic to ensure a classy look.
Nude and chartreuse. As you probably know, a nude color palette is totally in this
season. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Try mixing the texture of your items
and adding a pop of color, such as a vibrant chartreuse. It will be both interesting from
afar and intriguing in detail of close.
Patterns. Geometric patterned seaming can add subtle but powerful statements in your
outfit. A simple black skater skirt instantly looks more luxurious with a quilted pattern.
Remember, less is more.
This winter break find your style. Don’t be afraid to change it up or break some rules.

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