Distrust in relationships

If you are a woman, and you have given several guys a chance to have a relationship with you, then it is probably safe to say you have had at least one bad experience. When it comes down to it, women typically do not trust men. There seems to be a pattern these days that leads to this mistrust. Though this is not good news, there is always a solution to a problem, and there is a solution to this problem as well.


1. They do not do what they say they will. Many women say the reason they do not trust men is simply because they say they will do one thing, and end up doing the entirely opposite thing. This leads women to believe that men never do what they say they will.

2. They have been cheated on. Many women do not trust men in general because they have had the horrible experience of being cheated on. Being cheated on is something that is very difficult, especially if it was a serious relationship, and it is hard to overcome and move on from something this awful. When a woman is cheated on or lied to, she feels hesitant to give her heart to someone else because she fears the same thing will happen again.

3. Men are vague with their feelings. This is another reason women typically do not trust men. Some men are vague with their feelings and communication because they do not want to upset or offend a woman, and some are just not man enough to say how they feel and where they see the relationship going. Regardless of the man’s motives, vague communication never leads to positive results. It is important to be open with a woman and tell her exactly what you are thinking.

Now, this does not mean they every man in the world is a liar, cheater, and poor communicator. It means that there seems to be a pattern going on right now where the majority of men are messing it up for the really great guys that are out there who would never think about doing any of the things mentioned above. To get a woman to trust you, you have to prove yourself by doing exactly what you say you will do, being honest and open, and honoring her with respect.

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