Why You Need to Exercise!

You might think that with everything else you have going on you have no time for exercise. It can be easy to neglect your body in favor of academic and social pursuits. But exercise is so important for you! If you don’t even know where your gym is on campus, chances are you’re in trouble. Even if you eat well, a lack of exercise can lead to the freshman (and sophomore, junior, and senior) 15. If you think weight gain is a myth, think again! People who don’t take care of themselves gain more than a few vanity pounds. Exercise is critical to maintaining not just a healthy weight, but a sound mind as well! Exercise is mentally stimulating because it increases cognitive performance on tests, increases the growth of neurons, and can boost your mood through the release of endorphins. Physically, exercise can slow down aging, increase muscle tone, and boost cardiovascular health. Sometimes people in their 20s aren’t motivated to work out because diet alone can in some cases be enough to keep people looking like they’re in decent shape. And the anti-aging benefits often fall on deaf ears, as wrinkles and sagging skin are usually still far off. But it’s never too early to get started, and your body will thank you for it later. Plus, consider again the mental benefits that exercise affords. The sacrifice you make physically to put in an extra hour of studying may not pay off as much as taking a homework break to hit the treadmill or weights. It turns out that physical exercise and strengthening actually results in mental strengthening as well! And while staying hunched up at your desk in a dimly lit dorm room can get you down in the dumps, exercising floods your brain with neurotransmitters that brighten your mood and your outlook. Two of the symptoms of depression are a lack of interest in normal activities and a decrease in motivation – two factors that could seriously damage your ability to study! Exercise pays off socially too. People who exercise will feel happier, as has been mentioned, but also have more energy and be less stressed. This means you can stay out with your friends longer without feeling tired and be relaxed while doing it! With all this said, what argument could you possibly have for not exercising? Even if it’s a dreaded activity, there are a ton of different types of exercise, one of which you will probably find fun.Source: http://restoremetohealth.com/2013/04/21/how-exercise-makes-your-brain-smarter-and-younger/

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