Why You Should Go To Your Classes

Rachel is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish. Although her emphasis is in broadcasting and dreams of becoming the next Katie Couric, her passion is first and foremost in writing. While at UK Rachel was an active member of the Alpha Theta chapter of Delta Zeta. She was also involved in the university’s student television station, writing and anchoring for its sports program, SportsZone. While in Lexington Rachel was able to intern and later work for local NBC affiliate WLEX-TV as well as volunteer with ESPNU. She now resides in Cincinnati and when she is not pursuing her career aspirations she is traveling, attending concerts, blowing too much money on shoes, running, spending time with friends and family or binge-watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.




Other than the fact that you’re paying big bucks for them, of course.


There’s nothing better than waking up to an email declaring that your 8 a.m. Econ class has been cancelled for the day. You instantly roll over and head back to a deep, wonderful sleep. Some mornings, though, there is no email but we decide to exercise our adult freedom and choose to go back to sleep anyways. I mean there’s no test today anyways so who cares, right?


While 8 a.m. classes are no easy feat, there are actually a lot of reasons why making the extra effort in the morning will pay off later. You won’t lose points for low attendance, you know what’s going on so you’re more likely to participate, you’ll keep up with homework and you might even grow some friendships. Oh, and you might learn a thing or two for your future career. But there is one reason that students often forget about until after they’ve already graduated: to learn.


From kindergarten all the way through senior year of high school, our interest in learning seems to decline. School is more interesting for the extracurricular activities and less interesting for what makes up an atom. We put most of our focus on doing the bare minimum- just enough to get through. And even when we pushed ourselves to do more and took that AP government class, we still checked our phone every ten minutes for text messages.


For most students, college classes don’t really become interesting until you start really getting into your major. This is what you came to college for anyways, isn’t it? You didn’t come to take a class on Latin America but it fills the humanities requirement so let’s just get through it, right? This is a common mentality that many college students carry when attending their pre-requisite classes determined by the university or college. These basic fulfilment classes are meant to cover different areas of interest, so that you leave college a more intelligent, well-rounded individual. But if you’re hitting the snooze indefinitely, what are you really gaining?


The trick is to change your thinking and don’t lose your curiosity. Think of class as a positive experience, whether you like the class or not. Instead of dreading sitting through an hour biology lecture, think about what you might learn today and what you’ll leave knowing that you didn’t before you came in that day. If you can continue that mentality throughout all of your classes you’ll not only like learning more, your grades will reflect your interest as well. A large chunk of our lives is spent in school, but we don’t really realize how valuable learning is until you no longer have a chance to take a class on human psychology. Trust me. Your post-grad self will thank you.



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