Should i study abroad or not

My name is Hailey Hanson. I am currently studying Business Management at Texas State University. I enjoy writing, being outdoors, practicing yoga, and spending time with my puppy. I dream of a happy life full of family, friends, and fun.

According to my friends, studying abroad was the best decision they have made in college, a decision I would like to experience myself. Many colleges and universities offer programs to study abroad in various countries. Many of you have probably heard about someone’s experience abroad and thought to yourself,” Wow, that sounds like a pretty cool opportunity!” After having that thought you may have even researched it, but once you got to the details stopped and put that thought in the back of your mind. Do not worry – I have done the exact same thing. However, I am now here to tell you to reach back into your mind and start considering really going for it! Here are three important reasons that you should study abroad while in college.

The number one reason you should study abroad is because there is no better time to travel than when you are young. When else will you have the time or money to travel to another country for an extended amount of time? Traveling can be very costly, but while in school you have the opportunity to get scholarships to study abroad and even financial aid is a possibility. Once you graduate from college, you will most likely have some debt, have to start paying for your own living expenses, and will (hopefully) be offered a job that will tie you down and take up most of your free time. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to leave everything behind for a few months and really dive into the culture of the place where you are studying without feeling like you have to spend your life’s savings.

The second biggest reason to study abroad is to gain perspective. If you’re like me, you grew up in a small town, went to college pretty close to home, and have lived in the same state your whole life. Your perspective on the world is probably pretty small. There is so much out there that we haven’t even seen yet. One hundred ninety six countries to be exact. Once you are given the chance to see another culture, practice the customs of another country, and meet and live with the people of that country – your view on the world will change for the better.

Lastly, you should study abroad for the more practical reason: because you gain college credit. In other words, you kill two birds with one stone. Studying abroad gives you the chance to live in another country while still getting an education. You have probably heard of that person who took off a year or more of college to get a “worldly experience.” Well, that does not have to be you. You can travel and still please your parents at the same time by not dropping out of college.

After what I have heard from my friends and classmates who have had the opportunity to study abroad, I was eager to learn more. With more research on my school’s website, I learned so much about the different programs, destinations, and classes offered through the study abroad office. The best way to get information is by attending a Study Abroad Information Session that most schools offer. Now with that being said, do not waste any more time – college is only four years of your life.

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