When will he propose

You’re sure you’ve found the one. It’s been at least a year of bliss with your beloved. He’s smart, charming and handsome. You’re both graduating from college soon. After countless romantic dinners, long weekends away and family holidays, he still hasn’t popped the question. You’re now starting to wonder if he ever will. Don’t fret! The signs that he will propose are as clear as that gorgeous sparkler that is about to grace your ring finger.
• He talks about the future
Have you been fielding future-oriented questions lately from your guy? Does he want to know how you picture your future home, career plans, family? This is a key sign he’s thinking about your future as a married couple.
• He says “We” more than “I”
Has your man turned that crucial corner of bachelorhood? Does he talk about you and him as a couple more than ever? For example, when social plans come up, does he want to clear it with you first? He’s definitely headed toward coupledom.
• He’s interested in your friends’ weddings and engagements
Is he suddenly interested in ring design, seating arrangements, how his buddy popped the question to his girl? This means he’s definitely thinking about how he would (or will) make you his fiancée.
• He’s acting nervous
There’s always the possibility you would say no, isn’t there? Imagine the terror! He probably hasn’t felt this nervous since he asked you out on your first date or leaned in for that first kiss or shyly brought up moving in together.
• He’s money conscious
It’s traditional that your boyfriend will want to be financially secure before he really sets down roots and becomes a married man. He may also be sweating the cost of your engagement ring. Don’t let this surefire sign of future commitment fool you – he’s serious about you.

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