Gender Studies Online


Although women’s and gender studies degrees have been available at small liberal arts schools for a long time, they are relatively new options for most college students. This degree program is also very well suited for an online format. Here is everything you need to know about this unique degree.

What is a women’s and gender studies degree?

This is the first question that many people ask. Because the major is so new, it is not yet very well understood. Women’s and gender studies is an interdisciplinary degree program that explores how gender and gender-related issues influence many aspects of our society. Students in women’s and gender studies degree programs take courses in history, politics, psychology, sociology, English, science, and more.

Because it is an interdisciplinary program, students often have the opportunity to design their own curriculum based on their personal interests. All women’s and gender studies majors may take courses like gender and power, gender and law, and global sexual health, but then students are generally free to explore the area or areas they find most interesting. For example, you could take a women’s and gender studies degree with a concentration in history and politics, in health and psychology, or in science and technology. Like other interdisciplinary degree programs, the options are numerous.

What will I learn in an online women’s and gender studies degree program?

Women’s and gender studies degrees are different from degrees in, say, construction management or health care leadership, because they don’t prepare students to enter just one particular career. Rather, the knowledge and skills you will learn in this program are foundational skills that can help you in any career. You will learn about social and cultural issues, historical events, political events, and how gender influences our society and how we live. The skills you will learn in this program include critical thinking, problem solving, research skills, analytical reasoning, and digital literacy.

Overall, graduates of online women’s and gender studies degree programs are well-rounded individuals who are able to understand and analyze issues, make good decisions, and solve problems.

What can I do with a women’s and gender studies degree?

Like most interdisciplinary degrees, this credential is highly versatile and can prepare you to enter almost any career field. Many women’s and gender studies majors go on to pursue further education, such as graduate degrees and law degrees, and a good number become professors themselves. Many graduates work in the counseling professions. Other students enter fields like health care, education, business, and government. There is really no limit to the number of doors a degree in this field can open.

Women’s issues are not just women’s issues; they are society’s issues. Understanding how gender affects our lives can help you become a more valuable contributor to any career field you choose.

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