What college is like

​Kaitlin is a college graduate from Radford University in VA. From there, she graduated with her BA in Theatre Arts with a focus in performing. While in attendance, Kaitlin was the scholarship recipient for the Nancy Necessary Pridemore Scholarship.

All the world’s a stage, but that doesn’t mean you should reinvent yourself for college. College is all about discovering who you truly are. Every tv show and teen movie tell the tale of how they learned who they really were once they went to college. However, let you hear it from the horse’s mouth, forget what mtv tells you that college is like, and let me give you a colorful overview of what main points you should know when it comes to college.

1. It’s all about the simple life: Whether it’s your freshman year in a dorm, or it’s your first apartment, you want to start learning to live as minimally as possible. Once I entered broke college kid status, learning to live off the basics was key for survival. After learning that I could live without a lot of things, that allowed me the time and energy to recycle some of that money into adventures and small splurges here and there.
2. Take all the selfies you want: It is vital to document your time in college. Time will fly so obviously you are going to want to remember your first mainstage theatre show or your first date party. I give a word of caution. As fun as it may be to capture that moment when you did your first keg stand at a frat party, do not take it and post it on facebook/instagram/twitter The real world isn’t kidding when they warn that future employers and grad schools will look into your social media accounts. While having every type of social media account is great for networking, it can also ruin a reputation. Keep it clean and legal, and maybe keep the duck faces to a minimum.
3. Make it Legen-wait for it-dary: Live it up when you are in college. So many attractions offer college discounts, so take advantage of them. Make that winter trip to the ski resort. Ride horses through the mountains. Not sure how you can discover these opportunities? My first suggestion is to attend your school’s job fair and learn of what all the clubs and organizations have to offer you. After that, a good google search gives you insight of what’s around you. From trails and waterfalls to zoos and amusement parks, there is always something to do once campus gets too boring.

These three pointers just graze the surface. I am chalkfull of insider information, and I am more than willing to share my learnings with you.

Unfortunately, if you are only reading these articles to learn how to find the best parties, what party themes draw the biggest crowds, or which drink recipe gets you loose the fastest, then I am not your girl. I’ve made the mistakes, and you should make your own too, but if I can help make your experience more fulfilling by sharing a few tips, then I will continue to scribe down my tales from my college days.

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