Work those Lips

My whole life I have never been one to wear lipstick. It always seemed too messy, coming off on coffee cups and my boyfriend’s lips… not cute. Plus, I was never confident if I was choosing the right shade to match my skin tone. Lately though, I’ve rethought my aversion to this age old beauty staple. Is it just me, or are dark red, plum, and maroon lips popping up everywhere and on everyone?! I’ve never been a super pink loving girly girl, but this deeper darker trend might just suit my style. I decided to give this trend a go and learned some things along the way.
First, if one is new to the lipstick buying game, it is a great idea to go to a large department store or a makeup only retailer. To stand by myself looking at all the possible colors of lipstick offered by all the different brands is a bit overwhelming for me. It doesn’t help that I am super indecisive, but for some reason I have never thought testing out a foundation or lipstick shade on the back of my hand is very helpful. My hand is a different enough skin tone from my face that it has never seemed helpful. Plus, I just end up trying to put my hand as close to the spot on my face that I actually want the said makeup to go and let’s be honest, I not only feel ridiculous, but look it as well. The women behind cosmetic counters apply makeup for a living. They will be able to pick the best shade that matches your skin in no time and without much effort. They also will have advice and tips for picking out future colors as well. This way you get to see the shade on before you buy and you can use the color as a jumping off point for what looks good on you.
Second, medium and deeper colors match more skin tones than bright colors do. Berry shades are universally flattering. I have fair skin in the winter and somewhat of a medium shade in the summer. Bright pink and orange shades always stood out too much for my liking, but Everlasting Plum, the color I ended up purchasing, complimented my fair skin even without a sun kissed glow. To stay on trend buy a color within the purple spectrum, just make sure it is not true purple. Berry and plum are safe bets for almost anyone, just like myself.
Lastly, wearing lipstick is like wearing a great high heel. It instantly gave me a mood and confidence boost. My whole look appeared much more put together with a simple swipe. So if you are considering swapping out your chapstick or gloss for a look that is more polished and professional, a deep shaded lipstick is the way to go. I walked away from the makeup counter with great lips, my head held higher, and useful knowledge to put towards my next lipstick buying adventure.

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