Working through college

For many College students, the bank of Mom and Dad is rather limited, and the student loan is meagre, at best. This means you face the prospect of working your way through College.

First you need to find a job. Don’t underestimate student resource center here. Local businesses often have good links with the local University. They might have a work/study program where you can actually work for the university. This type of position can offer tax breaks and flexibility as they understand the needs of student workers.

Local businesses often have relationships with the local University and your University might have a list, online or at the student services office, of open local positions for which they are looking to specifically hire College students.

Of course, you can always check for jobs online, but for local, part-time jobs, it can be more efficient to walk around the college town and think about where you would like to work. If you walk in, rather than apply online, your application might be more memorable for them and they might just offer you an interview, or better yet, a job on the spot.

Once you have a job, you begin a difficult juggling act between work and College obligations. So you’ll need to prioritize. You’re working to be able to attend College. That means being a student is your primary occupation. The job is secondary. So never let the job cut into your class or studying time. Be clear with your employer, that this is the case from the start, and you can save hassle with your employer down the line.

As you start earning a pay check, make sure you are spending your money wisely. It is critical that you have a budget. This should include all bills and regular expenses, College tuition and fees, and costs of Course Books (buy used!) and school supplies. Lastly, and quite importantly, you need to set aside money for fun things like eating out or shopping, and of course, visiting home.

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