Workout Attire

Just because you’re sweating at the rec center doesn’t mean your attire doesn’t matter. Anytime you venture into public, you should put thought into your appearance. Working out does give you a pass on some of your usual makeup habits. Leave off the foundation, for example, because it will inevitably be a messy smear by the end of your exercise routine. Plus, foundation can clog your pores; mix that with sweat and you have a recipe for a breakout. Do opt for some eyeliner and waterproof mascara.

When at the rec center, your primary objective should be to burn some fat, so functional attire is key. Although head-to-toe skintight apparel would appear odd in any other setting, here it is not only function, but also it is expected. Tight workout clothes flatter trim figures, and they’ll be out of the way, preventing any possible injury that may occur, such as a weight snagging a baggy T-shirt.

Tank tops are great because they allow your skin to cool down and breathe. With many such tank tops, your sports bra will be visible, so be sure to wear one in a color that complements your outfit. Of course, always wear a sports bra; not doing so will be uncomfortable and can even lead to back injury. Resist the urge to wear just a sports bra though; going shirtless can appear sleazy.

Leggings or pants that complement your tank top are ideal because they also breathe and protect against snagging exercise equipment on bulky apparel.

Whereas different hairstyles are attractive everywhere else, a braid or ponytail should be your go-to options at the rec center. Working out is not the time to make a fashion statement with your hair; go for functional instead.

Finally, don’t forget to complete the ensemble with a comfortable pair of athletic shoes. Matching your athletic shoes to your outfit is not necessary; they will most likely complement pretty much any exercise outfit. What is important is to make sure they are in good shape. Make sure to frequently wipe down lighter color shoes, which dirty easily. If they’re torn or ripping, it’s time to buy a new pair.

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