You and Your BFF Go to Different Colleges – How to Stay Close

Texting non-stop? Skyping when you can? Laughing hysterically at her emails? Sounds like you and your bestie are in a long distance friendship. It can be hard to maintain a close friendship across state lines. Here’s how to do it.
• Communicate, communicate, communicate
You probably already call, text, skype and keep up with each other’s social media accounts. The key is to not suddenly drop off from this consistent communication. Set some expectations with your best gal pal so you don’t leave each other hanging.
• Celebrate even the smallest event
Barely passed your Chem Lab? Did her new puppy successfully complete obedience school? How about the “anniversary” of meeting each other in middle school? Don’t let these small, but meaningful events pass by without observing them. It will keep you close and reinforce your friendship bond. Try sending e-cards for these insignificant, but important events.
• Visit!
It’s a must to see each other from time to time. But don’t just plan a weekend at each other’s campuses – plan a fun-filled getaway at the beach or a killer road trip to see your favorite band. Brainstorm on your favorite activities to form a plan for a trip together.
• Keep it honest
Are you and your BFF growing apart? Is she bailing on phone “dates” because she has a new boyfriend? Be sure to honestly express your emotions to her. A sure way to lose a friendship is to ignore the fact that there’s a problem.
• Roll with the changes
The sad truth is you may not be able to maintain a long distance friendship. But there’s nothing wrong with that! People evolve, grow and change. Don’t beat yourself for a change in your priorities. Even worse, don’t beat her up about it. Understand that you may experience periods of closeness with your long distance GF.

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