You Are Your Own Canvas

Jessica Bredbenner is a graduate of Marywood University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Management. She has two professional career paths at the moment. Her full time job is in the pharmaceutical industry as a Vaccine Specialist at Sanofi Pasteur.

She is also the Associate Publisher of a fashion and model industry magazine- Idoll Magazine in New York City. She is a member of the Fashion Industry Network. She volunteers with Dress for Success, a non- profit organization that helps women struggling to return to the workforce with advice and donations of professional clothing and educational workshops. She attends and reports New York City’s Mercedes Benz New York, Miami SWIM Week and Couture Fashion Week each year as well as other fashions shows and industry events thorough the year.

She has her own personal style blog ( and Instagram (@jessicabredbenner) where she can share things that inspire her and create a place where others can join in on inspiration and creativity in the world of fashion and art.

She designs and creates clothing, sells paintings & portraits, loves baking a mean cake or yummy cupcakes and enjoys making crafty things.

You Are Your Own Canvas
What is style really? Or fashion? Each and every week, month and year the fashion industry and the top experts out there collaborate to bring together pieces of what’s “in” for that season. We tend to see a revolving process as the years go by and things come and go on what’s “cool” to wear and what’s not. From vintage looks that resemble the roaring 20’s to the hippy peace loving bell bottoms and flowers in girls’ hair, one day its seems like it’s “in” and the next its out. But the fact of it is, it never really goes out. If you have ever walked the streets of New York City and just stopped to realize all of the different types of people and how each and every person has their own unique style, to me that’s what style is. It’s not afraid to show who you are and take risks.
When I was a teenager in grade school and high school I wanted to make sure I had the clothes that everyone else was wearing and that I looked like every other girl so I would “fit in”. But as I got older I realized I never want to be like anyone else, ever. I had my own unique style, some days I feel like throwing on something grunge that brings me back to the 90’s look or something so completely feminine with silk and lace details paired with a fun girly skirt. It’s all about yourself and how you feel in that exact moment. As an artist growing up, I learned that fashion in more than just putting on clothes for a day, it’s about knowing who you are and each outfit you put on can turn in a masterpiece, because you are your own canvas.
Within the past few years I have been able to break into the fashion industry and have had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, fashion industry events and numerous other outing’s within the industry. When entering into the world of fashion from a small town I was raised in, it was an eye opener. All of the different people from all over the world come together as one. We all have a passion inside of us that is instantly released when put in these different kinds of settings, each of us completely different from one another but there for the same reason, to express our creativity and passion. I have been fortunate to begin my career in fashion at such a young age, but have not even got to the place where I want to be with in terms of dreams. I don’t even think in 20 years from now I will not stop aspiring and reaching for my dreams and goals. Some people think their dreams might be too big or unrealistic, but if you keep working at them and never give up, it’s attainable. Even if it’s not one hundred percent what you want at the time, keep striving, even baby steps are steps. And no matter what express yourself by being completely yourself, in fashion- anything goes and you are your own unique canvas.
-Jessica Bredbenner

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