Your Appearance Reflects Your Skills

Whether you are looking for a job, currently working at a salon, or trying to get more customers for yourself, your appearance will be judged by those around you. It’s not far but it’s human. Those who choose to trust their appearance in your hands will look at your personal presentation to understand if you are the right specialist for them.

Dress Appropriately

Unless you are working at a punk salon, you need to be dressed a bit conservatively. That means no short skirts or shorts, no visible underwear of any kind, no flip-flops. Don’t reveal tattoos. Don’t wear anything low-cut. After you dress, look in the mirror and bend over. Is anything showing that should not be showing? Then change. Clients will feel uncomfortable around you if you are dressed inappropriately.

You are Your Own Canvas

If you are becoming a hairstylist, then your hair needs to look good. Again, your clients are going to look at your own appearance to judge if they want you to work on them. That does not mean that you cannot be creative with your hair. Cut and color it however you want, just do it beautifully. Use your own hair to show off that you know what you are doing. Cut it so that it flatters your face shape. Color it so that it enhances your skin’s natural glow. Condition it so that it is shiny and silky. Clients are not stupid; especially clients who are willing to give out hard earned money to enhance their appearance. If your hair is oddly chopped, has a color that makes your skin seem green, and is so fried that it looks like it’s ready to fall out, a client is going to notice and is going to question your abilities. A potential client will wonder why you look like that. After all, you are the expert that she is trusting to advise her to look her best. Also, as an expert working in a salon, you have access to the best beauty products. You have no excuse to not look your best.
Your appearance can also be used to inspire your clients. If you are a manicurist or a makeup artist, clients might look at what you have done to yourself and think, I want that too. That’s fun and exciting for both of you. Now you have a client who is willing and interested to try something new and you have the opportunity to extend your expertise and expand your portfolio of work. It also allows you to be creative. That’s one of the reasons you got into this business, isn’t it?

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