Your College Boyfriend

College is a time when strong bonds are formed with the people around you. It’s a great place to meet like-minded people. It’s also a time to surround yourself with people who support you, give you energy, make you feel good about yourself, and give and take in equal measures so everyone benefits.
All these features include the guy you choose to have as your boyfriend during college. Hopefully before you settle with one person, you dated around a little bit. The blog post “Dating in College” describes the importance of this because college is a time of exploration. It is a time for you to get to know different personalities and figure out what qualities are important to you in a future partnership. Dating around is fun and casual, but there is a deeper meaning behind it all. College is where you just might find your life partner, the man you are going to be with for the rest of your life. That’s a pretty heavy idea or topic.
After college things don’t slow down much as you finally break free of school and start your career. Dating coworkers is really not advised and some companies have policies against it, so college is a natural place to meet a future partner. That, and it’s a wonderful feeling to have someone you love and respect, and who loves and you respects you, to go through the big life experience of college.
However having a serious boyfriend in college shouldn’t hinder you from having the full experience. Don’t start being an old married couple before you are even married or old. Don’t spend every weekend night on the sofa watching movies or exclusively hanging out with other couples. Make sure you still enjoy all the freedom and fun of youth. Go to parties together. Keep your single friends around you. Above all else, make sure you still concentrate on what is important to you.
Your serious boyfriend should not be your number one priority in life. Completing college with good grades is still your top priority and the guy is number two. And guess what, he should have the same level of priority in his life. That might be a shocking idea, but it’s the cold hard truth. If you revolve around your boyfriend and lose sight of your goals, you’ve lost an important part of yourself. That and you’ll become a really boring girlfriend. The really good guys out there admire women who can balance their individuality with their relationship. It’s just too much pressure for any one human being to be the center of another’s universe.
So keep up with you classes and hobbies and go out without your boyfriend to have fun with your single girlfriends. Everyone will much happier for it, especially you.

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