Your Five-Year Plan

High school is a really exciting time – you have a new found freedom, different classes, more people around and experiences that you have never dreamed of. Most people use high school as a preparation for attending college. They work hard and get great grades in high school so that they can reach their dream school to major in what they want o major in and therefore get the job that they want.
Creating a five-year plan is vital to starting off your post-college graduation plans and it is even more important to create it while you are a senior in high school – maybe even sooner if you would like.
Most people approach college and say – I want to go to this school, get this degree and graduate. However, graduation is only a stepping-stone to what the rest of your life should bring. It is a very important stepping-stone at that. The key to being successful in that next stage is to plan ahead. Don’t just think – yes, I am going to go to college and graduate. Think: I am going to graduate college and begin doing ________________.
Ultimately, that blank is up to you. Many people decide to go back to school to get their master’s or doctorate degree – their plans are much longer than five years. Other people decide they are going to go straight into the real world with a full-time job. If that is your plan, begin to think about what kind of job appeals to you. Realistically, that will probably change throughout college but start thinking about it now – realize where your interests and passions lie and begin finding options for fulfilling them.
Other options in that five-year plan include military service, traveling the world, becoming involved in programs such as Teach for America or the Peace Corps and many other options.
Some people’s five-year plans also include going to work immediately following high school before going to college. Others include enlisting in the service right away and serving our country.
Whatever your plan is, start thinking about it while you are in high school with the help of your friends and family. These years of your life go extremely fast and it is important to keep striving for your dreams and reaching your potential.

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