Your New Favorite Makeup: Multipurpose Cosmetics!

When you don’t have a lot of time in the morning to get ready for school but would really like to get some semblance of makeup and color on your face, look no further than multi-purpose makeup! I traveled heavily with mine and even took it camping, and it made a huge difference from wake-up to instant make-up.

Single products that do many jobs are perfect for so many reasons. Besides, of course, saving time, you can easily stash it into your bag for touch-ups. If you always have it handy in your bag, then you can easily jet into a restroom before your next class, and no one will ever know you weren’t ready for the day.

Basically, most of these products take care of eyes, lips and cheeks –the spots where you use color. To apply to eyes, you can use a little or a lot of color. If you dare to go a little bold, you can try a deeper shade of mauve and spread across your lids. Be careful to come just above your crease and to clean up lines to make both eyes look even. For a little less color, try a more peachy or coral shade.

Then take color and lightly press three dots on your cheekbone. Smile and blend up and out on the apples of your cheeks. Make sure you have good, natural lighting for this so you don’t go out into the world looking like a rodeo clown! Reapply if you feel you spread the color too thin.

Finally, apply on your lips as you would regular lipstick. Most sticks are creamy, so lip coverage is the easiest step. To make sure you don’t have any on your teeth (these are thick sticks and easy to over apply!), just stick your finger between your lips, wrap your lips around like a straw and pull. Color that might have later ended up on your teeth will now be, thankfully, on your finger.

Here are some of my favorite kinds to do the multi-duty job:
• Multi-use blush is more than a blush, you can use it on eyes and lips, too! The colors are especially delicious, like different rose petal hues, so they flatter pretty much any skin tone. Plus, it’s organic, so you’re doing something healthy for your face, too!
• Convertible color from your favorite cosmetic specialty store is actually in a compact, so you’ll feel like a finger-painting artist with this make-up! The colors are softer in this line and come off more translucent, so if you want just a hint of color, this is the product for you.
• Deparment store makeup counters are a bit pricier than most places to buy these products, but it’s like you bought three products in one, right? I’ve always found the most popular ones though a little more expensive have dependable shades that look great.

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