Become a personal stylist

Kirsten Mitchell is a proud Texan who attended NYU until graduating in 2013. She then moved to LA to pursue her dream of never returning to Texas. Suck it Greg Abbott! (Seriously though, she’s a writer working in film and television.

Personal style is nearly impossible to define. Quizzes from the pages of Cosmo, Glamour, and Elle all have different formulas to fit you in a box––‘Classic,’ and ‘Preppy,’ and ‘Boho Chic.’ But what happens when you find yourself liking those ‘Classic’ elements––dresses that would make Audrey Hepburn gag? Or, yeah, the flowy, ‘Boho’ maxi skirts are your jam when the weather is just right? Or maybe, sometimes, it’s gotta be skinny jeans, your favorite beat-up Chuck Taylors, and some plaid for a ‘Skater-Punk’ look? What if you manage to hit all those looks in a week?

Here’s where I tell you a secret: personal style isn’t some magical algorithm, it’s everything you love, your presentation of yourself to the world through clothing (also, nails, makeup, and hair, but we’ll come back to those…later). So, let’s talk about the person who’s style I know best––Tom Hiddleston, uh, wait, no, that would be…me!

I take my personal style from everything (and I mean everything!) that I like. This means, lots of movies, lots of TV, and lots of music. Taking a look into the ol’ iTunes library, you’ll see Daft Punk, Biggie, The Decemberists, One Direction, Johnny Cash, The Jackson 5, some RuPaul, obscene amounts of K-Pop, and David Bowie. Love me some Bowie. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, I listen to a bit of everything and this has influenced what I wear.

But what was that about film and TV? Like literally dozens of other people I love Mad Men, I love Game of Thrones, and I love (L-O-V-E), Parks & Recreation. Again, these are nothing alike but they all have very distinct looks that can transfer to ‘real life’ and that can (and should!) inspire your style.

Now, I’ve given you context for where I get all the inspiration for my style but how to transfer it to clothes? What you have to remember as you pull together your ‘style’ is that there will be times where you go back to your ‘staples.’ For example, I like shorts. Pretty easy to see where this goes in the spring and summertime. However in fall and winter, the formula changes slightly with shorts+tights=not freezing my butt off.

Both of these looks were created with the same exact high-waisted shorts (from Wal-Mart’s Miley Cyrus line, way, way back in the day), but it’s the top, the shoes, and the accessories that make them distinctive. On the left, we have a nautical inspired ‘spring’ look. On the right, ripped up tights and booties give it a ‘punkish’ vibe. Both, however fall squarely into the ‘Preppy’ category.

And that, my friends is personal style. It’s incorporating things you like, perhaps under a vague umbrella term like ‘Preppy’ or not, it’s just doing your own thing. The world is your runway: look fierce, stomp it out, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t fabulous!

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