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Nicole Cooper is an Assistant Store Manager for a high-end fashion brand company. She is a graduate of Georgia Southern University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design, with an Undergraduate Thesis in Fashion Research. In her free time she enjoys shopping, singing, reading, and being with friends and family.

Hi there,

This one is for the ladies!

Fashion is one of the truest forms of self-expression. Just as an artist would paint their canvas with their tools, you too as an individual do that same technique with your wardrobe!

After all every artist needs the right tools to make a masterpiece a physical reality, right? What would a work of your unique expression be without the tools you use to get it there?

We all need some staple tools in our wardrobe to achieve this desired outcome. So here and now I am going to share some of my personal favorite pieces with you! As your starting out canvas, these pieces can make your day-to-night outfits a work of art!

Now, your blank canvas (i.e. your closet) should always have these go to items in them for everyday life:

1. The PEFECT pair of dark wash skinny jeans- dark wash skinny jeaans are great to take from day to night! Dress them down with a cute tee and sandals for day, and then change it over to night with a cute heel and blouse.
2. The LBD (little black dress)- This is one of the timeless staples every woman needs in her wardrobe. The idea behind the LBD is to find a great dress that fits you like a glove. Invest to have a dress that is made well so you can have it forever.
3. The statement necklace- Chunky baubles, floral accents, or geometric designs are great for bringing a simple outfit out and giving it a great focal point.
4. The black pump stiletto- every woman needs a great pair of black heels- (FYI- pointed heel pumps are the best! They elongate the legs.)
5. The statement bag- another way to bring a simple outfit a great focal point. Invest in a nice leather bag! You’ll have it forever if you take care of it!
6. A classic nice blouse- Dress it up and down.
7. The cuffed short- A nice way to make your shorts a little more dressy- dress them up with a wedge!
8. The boyfriend sweater- Belt this baby up to make a pleasing silhouette.
9. The ballerina flat- these are great to have in fun colors or classic colors.
10. The Two T’s (Tank top & T-shirt)- Every lady on the go needs some go-to tees and tanks to run around in. Great thing about these items are that you can throw a cute blazer or jacket on top of them, top it off with a cute necklace and you just went from day to night instantly!

Obviously these are staple items ladies. This means that with these items you can mix and match to make a plethora of different go-to outfits for different occasions. And for those of you ladies on a budget, this makes it where you can take what you have and go from day to night with just a few simple tweaks to your daytime outfit! Remember quality over quantity in a wardrobe is always key.

These are some of my personal favorite ways to mix and match these items! There are all kinds of ways to get the most out of your wardrobe. Hopefully these basic steps and key items will be the start of your fabulous new perspective on how to get the most out of your canvas.

Peace & Style,

Nicole Cooper *

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