Your Worst Hair Care Mistakes

Even experienced, well-informed fashionistas can get into a bad beauty routine. If you think you have your beauty routine locked down but are still dealing with unruly hair, make sure you are not doing one of these common hair mistakes.

STOP: Weighing your hair down with protein products
START: Protein treatments should be used once a week at the very most. They can dry out your hair and actually make it more susceptible to damage if you overuse them. Stick with moisturizing conditioners on most days then just aim for three to four protein treatments per week.

STOP: Using metal in your hair
START: Avoid anything, from hair brushes to hair ties, with metal in them. Look for boar bristle or nylon brushes and cloth only hair ties.

STOP: Overdosing on alcohol
START: Alcohol is an incredibly common ingredient in hair products so keep an eye out for it on labels. There are great alcohol-free alternatives and they are particularly important if you have dry or damaged hair

STOP: Washing Daily
START: Washing your hair every other day. If you have fine or oily hair, stock up on dry shampoo. When you wash your hair every day, you are making it impossible for your scalp to produce enough oil to create a nourishing coat for your hair.

STOP: Ignoring Your Scalp
START: There is a reason that stylists massage your scalp during shampooing. Your hair follicles can get clogged up and, in the long term, this can hurt your hair. Simply getting into the habit of massaging your shampoo in can make a big difference.

STOP: Heat Styling Without Protection
START: Heat protection products really do make a difference. Spray a heat protectant on damp hair, give it a minute to dry, then use your blow dryer or flat iron.

STOP: Skimping on the SPF
START: SPF is important for your skin and hair. Protect your hair on your long days out with a hat or SPF products.

STOP: Creating a Product Overkill
START: Your hair really does quiet well on its own. Layering products can lead to flat hair. If your hair is lacking body, pay attention to where you put products. Focus on just conditioning your ends and keep volumizing products near your roots.

STOP: Using Too High Temperature Products
START: Pay attention to the temperature settings. Cheaper hair dryers and irons often have a minimal array of options. Make sure you are using low heat seatings and limit heat exposure to already dry hair. It’s best to just dry your hair about 75% then let it air dry. Also, stick with one pass-through to prevent too much heat exposure to any one area.

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