You’re just not that into him

Alexa Johnson

Discovering the person you’re crushing on isn’t returning the feelings can be devastating. On the other side of the duo, discovering that you don’t share the same strong feelings that person has for you is, well, complicated. It’s a bit sad, a bit confusing, a bit guilt-ridden, a bit of everything!

If you’re questioning your feelings towards a certain someone, here are a few clues to tell you’re probably just not that into them…

1. You wait to reply to their texts. And it’s not just because you’re playing hard-to-get. You really just don’t care. Whatever they’re saying (“Did you have a good day?”) isn’t pressing and can wait. When you really like someone, you’re hanging on to every last syllable that beeps through your phone and consciously timing and planning out your responses.

2. Their name is not brought up in conversation with your friends unless your friends ask. When you’re crushing hard, sometimes, that person can be the only thing you talk about with your friends! If you fail to bring up the poor guy or gal’s name unless your bestie does that annoying, “Sooooo… anything from so-and-so???” you’re either really private about it… or just not that into them.

3. They rarely cross your mind. When they text you or see them around campus you think, ‘oh yeah, that guy/girl.’ It gets worse as time goes on; when it’s so obvious they’re into you to you and everyone around you. When they do cross your mind and you immediately get feelings of disgust (because you can’t see getting physical with them) or guilt (because you know you’re breaking their heart) rather than feelings of elatedness or butterflies, honey, you’re just not into them at all.

The worst is when the person that likes you truly is a genuinely good person. They may even be one of your closest friends! Unfortunately, you can’t force romantic love, so if you aren’t feelin’ it, you aren’t feelin’ it. Sigh.

Now, if the person that’s crushing on you is a fowl, rude person… one, why on Earth would they like you? And two, even though you don’t feel as guilty for shutting them down as you would a nice person, they still have feelings. And those are not something you should play with. You never want to burn your bridges either, remember!

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