Independent college student

We hear the saying frequently “I want to grow up.” We get frustrated from the authority of our parents, teachers, and older family members. Then our strongest desire becomes the ideal image of being on our own, paying bills, buying a house, going to college or starting a family. We crave the ability to create our own personal story and make our own decisions. You have probably said it many times yourself. However, little do we realize how strong the actual phrase can be, growing up is not the simplest process. Dorothy can prove as a great example, she was forced to become independent and her only wish was to return back home because no matter how we look at things in the end “There’s no place like home.” We all know the movie “The Wizard of Oz” going to college closely resembles this storyline. For many of us college gives us a new beginning, everything changes. We are no longer the cool senior in high school criticizing the freshmen because now we become the fresh face on campus. It’s a whole new world, new teachers, new friends, new teachers, and a new form of your own identity starts to break into the college atmosphere. Once you get there the independence is to free and you may want to return to the authorithy of your parents. You start to realize your whole life depends on your decisions. Then when you return home your outlook changes. Are you still friends with your highschool friends? If so you probably rarely speak with them or not as much as before, because college changes you. You become Dorothy you start off alone and find friends of a lifetime in college along the way. When you return home things feel and look different, your new independent mindset starts to take over and you reach the maturity level of being an adult. Don’t be alarm by this its apart of life and college. Things should change in order for you to be aware and in charge of your own independence. Don’t feel to sad when your old highschool friends are not around like they used to because if there meant to be part of yout life they will be. Your goals may be different so you relate differently to people. Now you may have a job and money so parents may start asking you to buy some groceries or put gas in the car. Now you have to start paying some of the bills and your parents become well aware of that. When it comes to vacation you probably have to pay your part. Growing up can be extremely scary after you actually become an adult. Now you may be repeadtly hearing or saying “I don’t want to growup!” But don’t let fear take over, look at it as a new adventure and follow your own yellow brick road to greatness. This is what being independent is all about, finding your new home that suits you, new friends, paying the bills , and creating a new storyline representing your aspirations.

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